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Victoria Waterfall

I was quite excited when I received the Yellow Humma vaccine at the Johannesburg airport health department and received my international vaccination report card bir I was frightened by a country I had to go to for the first time.

The South African private Kulula Airlines team has made this anxiety largely forgotten by the dull announcements and fun security drills that I had previously heard of.

When we began to descend towards Livingstone Airport, the scenery I witnessed through the windows was simply breathtaking. From a large crevice, as if a great river was flowing into the center of the earth, and the cloud of water that it emitted would leave it in fogs. If there was a steel bridge in this fog cloud, it was vague. It was a supernatural view.

The airport was quite small and air-conditioned, in the heat of annoying visa queue at the end of the half-hour at the end of 80 dollars for a multi-entry visa I received, after all I had received Zimbabwe e-visa, and surely, I just saw that plane in the mist of the bridge I dreamed of walking through the waterfall and I would see it by Zimbabwe.

I don’t waste time with the taxi driver’s bad english before getting into the old car, and I bargained until the waterfall, after all, my hotel is only 300 meters away from the iron bridge above the waterfall. When we first arrived at the taxi driver who agreed to take me to the waterfall for 20 dollars, when he found out that my hotel was Royal Livingstone, he suddenly became angry and asked for 100 dollars. I know more or less that this hotel belongs to the Sun group, which also runs Sun City, near Johannesburg, but ultimately I’m just a backpack, maybe not even a customer, and I’m coming to the hotel to work maz

At the end of the reception, I get rid of 30 dollars from the taxi and the cold towels and wonderful fruit cocktail they provide with the accommodation of the hotel I’m starting to notice the beauty of my operations.

There’s a deafening ears and it goes on without interrupting, and when I realize that this strange sound is the noise of the waterfall, I accept it helpless.

When I give my room key, I decide that I should take the warning of the receptionist that I will never leave my window open, thanks to the hundreds of monkeys that I started to see around my room, but what do you mean, iniz Do not feed zebras and gures uyar.

Even though the waterfall doesn’t appear from my room, the Zambezi river looks, I am quite lucky that the most beautiful sunsets in the world are watched by the Zambia river, not all the tourist books I read,… he said.

I’m going to have a snack and start exploring the waterfall.

When I get down to the restaurant on the river side behind the reception, I understand what it means in the other warnings bir A small family of zebra who graze happily next to the diners and occasionally sniff the ones thrown off the tables and then lower them to the trunk er while waiting for the track, they can take very nice pictures because they stay calm… it is not possible to endure these last warnings… so that at the end of the third trial, I have to order the second portion because of the female zebra who took it from me and caressed the mane.

After dinner I buy a nylon raincoat from the small souvenir store at the reception and start to walk in the blood sweat in the heat, I must enter the raincoat for 10 minutes between the hotel and the waterfall, and I am entertaining those who come to my head, but why they laugh at me but the waterfall I know when my face starts getting wet, and now I know at least where I have to take the raincoat back.

As you approach the waterfall, the humming becomes horrible, there is no way to hear anything except the sound of water, and the cloud of water is drenched everywhere. It definitely deserves the name i Gürlayan Duman Mos (Mosi-oa-Tunya) in the local language.

I see that the 1904 steel bridge, Victoria Falls, which forms the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, is quite far from the waterfall.

Çelik Knife Edge attan made of steel rope leading to a small islet-shaped rock on the Zambian side of the waterfall, and a smaller bridge called the knife ridge, allows travelers wishing to get even more into the raging water pouring from 108 meters to the ground with that terrible flow. … Never stop…

I’m giddy on my way back to my hotel, soaked by the sound, soaked.

I’m going to move to Zimbabwe the next day. After all, all written sources state that the water is more on the Zimbabwe side due to the small height difference in favor of Zambia between the two countries, and the view of the waterfall from the national park on that side, and especially the Victoria Falls Hotel, reflecting the Colonial period.

Return to the hotel and take a cold shower, I tell myself a cocktail at the pier cafeteria called the sun terrace made of tunnels üne The crocodiles wandering in front of the pier are really spooky… hippopotamus dive into the water just a few hundred meters away in their natural environment.

After meeting the hotel’s grace at breakfast, this time my direction is the bridge connecting the two countries.

Immediately at the entrance of the bridge, the Zambian customs stamps the exit.

I’m starting to walk with a very crowded peddler army trying to sell the distance to the other customs, their boards, all kinds of fabrics and souvenirs. It’s a very boring convoy, there’s bungee jumping preparations in the hut, which I hope is the customs right in the middle of the bridge, it’s a hut that belongs to a private company çek

The police hand out all of them with a whistle, with my e-visa paper, the process takes a short time and I finally reach the national park on the Zimbabwean side.

It seems to me that the landscape is the same from both sides, but I think from October to January the water is flowing by Zimbabwe because it is higher on the Zambian side, especially when the water is held for the dam, and the landscape is more beautiful here, but there is not much difference when the water is high.

The view of the waterfall from Victoria Falls Hotel is simply breathtaking, the staff reflects the British influence shorts hat and long white socks serving staff at this hotel, although expensive to eat at least expensive to drink a glorious view is necessary to digest…

On the way back, it is inevitable to use a taxi on top of this fatigue, bargaining does not benefit much about 50 dollars ince When I give this much money I visit the town center on the Zimbabwe side. Next to the makeshift houses, a small market where wooden souvenirs are sold in the garden of a church shattered from the shed gives a very cheap shopping opportunity.

On my last day on the Zambian side, I’m buying a private Zambezi river safari from the hotel travel company. We take a small speed boat from the sun terrace at the hotel like 4 in the afternoon and we are cruising to the shore for about 2 hours.

After 3 full days, waiting for a few hours after the passport queue at that hot airport, it allows you to assimilate what I see.

I realize I’m not that impressed at Iguacu or Niagara Falls. Maybe it’s such an inner nature, an adventurous border crossing, a journey in history, being in a region that doesn’t take many tourists, what impresses me so much, what else would an off-road traveler want?…

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