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The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China, which extends in the northwestern part of China and is almost the symbol of Chinese civilization, is accepted as the biggest defense wall in the world made by man. With a length of 21 thousand 196 km is now a fascinating tourist product for travelers. However, it should be noted that the Great Wall of China in 2012, the official length of 8,850 km previously announced by the state after the last measurements taken by the 21 thousand 196 kilometers was extended by 3 times. The Great Wall of China, one of the 7 wonders of the world, which is included in the World Cultural Heritage List by UNESCO, varies between 4 meters and 10 meters in height and 9.1 meters in wide place. The base thickness is 7 meters and the top thickness is 6 meters. Height and width vary by location. Although brick is used in its construction, it should be noted that some parts of the structure contain unhealthy materials. The highest point is located on Heita Mountain on the sides of Beijing, the capital of China. According to some sources, up to 8 percent of the wall is still in its original form. You can immediately ask why the Chinese have built such long walls and walls. Then let’s look at the details…

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Why was the Great Wall of China built?

The Great Wall of China was ruled by Qin Shhi Huang, Emperor of the Qin Dynasty, who ruled China first. III. century (BC 220), the borders of the Mongolian and Hun attacks and attacks from the barbarian nomads in the Eurasian steppes are built to protect against official sources. The best known and best preserved line of the Great Wall of China was built in the 14th and 17th centuries during the Ming Dynasty. It is said that 1 million people worked for the construction of the Great Wall of China, but we cannot predict how accurate these figures are. In some foreign sources, it is stated that the soldiers and convicts used by the famous Chinese General Meng Tian used the construction as workers. During the Ming Dynasty, some strategic areas, including the Badaling District north of Beijing, were restored and overlapped for maximum security. It is also written in history books that there is a benefit side that prevents both customs trade and escape by making it difficult to go out from inside. It is also possible to see the Great Wall of China as a country boundary drawn with big lines. Some historians say that their sole purpose is to prevent the Turkish invasion from the north by building impenetrable walls. Although the Great Wall of China never effectively prevented the invaders from entering China, it served for many years as a powerful symbol of the resilience of Chinese civilization.

How long is the Great Wall of China?

We must reiterate that the Ming Dynasty was important in the construction of the Great Wall of China. Beijing, which was a Mongolian city in the 15th century, became the capital of China in 1421. We can say that China has made great progress in the Ming period. During this period, bridges and palaces and temples were built, while the Great Wall of China expanded during this period. During the Ming era, the restoration and reconstruction of the Great Wall of China began in 1474. It is known that Ming executives adopted a defensive-oriented attitude towards the construction of this great wall and adopted a strategy based on this defensive point of view in the renovation and restoration of the Great Wall of China, expansion and design projects. After the Ming period (1368-1644), this defensive perspective disappeared. 43 thousand 721 ruins have been found since the Great Wall of China. Although the length of the Great Wall of China, which includes parts such as towers, castles, divisions, special rooms, and observation points, is known as 6,270 km, this length reaches 8,850 km along with city walls, barriers and other additions. .180 meters.) Every 200 meters you encounter a tower or castle. The towers, which are positioned at intervals and according to needs, are used for observation, accommodation, guard, flag hanging and communication. Of course, as this structure was built for defense and protection purposes, there were also carriages on the walking path above the wall, and visors for archers on the top of the wall.

How many people worked in the construction of the Great Wall of China?

The West did not know the existence of the Great Wall of China for many years. In the 17th century, through a Portuguese explorer, Europeans had the opportunity to meet the Great Wall of China. The Great Wall of China is said to be under construction until the 1650s. In fact, although the graves of the workers who died during the construction of the walls and walls were suggested to be found in some studies, such a finding. It has been mentioned in some sources that those who were captured during the war also worked during the construction process. It is claimed that 9,000 people worked in the construction of the Great Wall of China.

One of the most important heroes of Chinese mythology is the follow-up of the dragon’s traces and the building of the walls. This long line, which was called ılan Dragon of the World Bir for a period, was called “Great Wall of China” in the 19th century with its English name. The Chinese, who are known for their inventor aspects, found the wheelbarrow during the construction of the wall. These walls, which had gone through many battles, witnessed the Sino-Japanese war in 1938.

Which parts of the Great Wall of China should be visited?

Chinese authorities do not allow you to visit every part of the Great Wall of China, which is granted to tourism. Today, there are 3 gates to visit. These are Simatai, MuTianyu and Badaling. Badaling section attracts the most visitors. During the peak season, the daily visitor reaches 70 thousand. There are many tours from Beijing to the Great Wall during the day. It is possible to reach the Great Wall of China in a 1-1.5 hour journey from the city center. It is said to be very crowded, especially on official days and at the weekend. There are shops, cafes and local exhibition areas around the Great Wall of China, as well as in all historical sites. You can start your tour by choosing one of these 3 doors. Spring months are considered the most beautiful months for the Great Wall of China. The Great Wall of China is visited by about 10 million people a year. To date, over 300 presidents have visited the Great Wall of China.

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What is being done to protect the Great Wall of China?

The Great Wall of China today is the greatest symbol of the great Chinese Empire. It was also used as a psychological barrier against the West in the 18th and 20th centuries. It has become one of the main symbols of the country in many content describing China. The great historical identity of the Great Wall of China made him one of the most curious and talked figures about him. It should also be noted that the area of ​​about 2,000 kilometers of Ming eras due to natural erosion and human destruction has disappeared and the state is continuing its renovation work. The Chinese state continues to take measures to protect the Great Wall of China. So much so that the Great Wall of China was enacted. Funds were created for protection and maintenance. Awareness raising and training activities were also conducted for individual protection. It is also known to be equipped with vegetation to protect the wall slopes. Graffiti is not allowed except for rubbish and useless items to prevent the wall from fraying. Damages caused by tourists and local people pulling bricks to take home for souvenir purposes are covered by serious crimes by law. I mean, I took a piece of stone from the Great Wall of China and I’m taking it home, but don’t. You can get a big penalty because of this illegal act. But if you dream of seeing the Great Wall of China, do not postpone it. See this structure with 2,300 years of history. Let us finish our words by leaving the famous word of Chinese President Mao here: You are not a hero until you reach the Great Wall of China.

Short information for the Great Wall of China:

-Choose the section that best suits you for your visit. In the above article, these details are available.
-Check the weather before heading to the Great Wall of China. Don’t choose to go in bad weather.
-More prefer the beautiful weather of spring. It can be very hot and crowded in summer. In winter it will be extremely cold, although less crowded.
-Take a walk on the wall to see this great historical architecture and view. But camping around can be dangerous. In addition, camping is not allowed in a nearby location.

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-If you’re planning a long walk on the Great Wall of China, be sure to take something to eat and water with you. Along the line, there are no shops selling food and beverages. Restaurants and markets are located in the valley below.
-If you are planning a long hike, use your hiking shoes or boots. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen, sunglasses, raincoat, hats.
If you are going through Badaling or Mutianyu gate and you have children with you, you can use the slides to get off the wall.
-If you have trouble moving, choose the Great Wall of China, Badaling, Juyongguan or Mutianyu. Wheelchair service is provided here. Badaling and Mutianyu have disabled-friendly ropeways.
-Watch out for slides, old steps and stones on the steps of the Great Wall of China. If you’re going in summer, don’t wear shoes that leave your toes out.
-Be sure to meet your toilet needs before climbing the big wall. Bring toilet paper if possible.
-Be sure to travel with a guide or group of friends!
-Make sure that you are standing firm before taking a picture. Watch out for loose stones and rocks, bricks.
-If possible, do not go on China’s public holidays and weekends. Especially Badaling gate is getting crowded.
-Do not leave your garbage in the mountains or on the wall so that the following travelers can enjoy this view.
-Do not try to climb the watchtower windows!
-Do not walk or run too fast, especially when going down.

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