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Sydney Harbor Bridge

Sydney Harbor Bridge is an arch bridge in Sydney, Australia. Its construction began in 1923 and was opened on July 28, 1932. The bridge carries rail, vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian traffic between Sydney city center and North Shore.

This bridge, one of Sydney’s most famous landmarks, is also one of the largest steel arched bridges in the world. The bridge, which was completed in 1932, is also known as “The Coathanger” because of its shape.

As you can see the bridge from afar as part of Sydney’s skyline, you can also see it closely, or even walk to the top. The view of the city from the top of the bridge is breathtaking, you can take great panoramic photos. You can see the view of the city from 360 degrees from the bridge’s accessible tower.

The bridge is equally impressive when it is lit during the evening as well as during the day. On the New Year’s Eve, the bridge is used for fireworks, and a counter is reflected to the bridge’s tower.

Sydney Harbor Bridge is a world-famous work located in Sydney, Australia, from Oceania countries. Sydney, which is among the most important cities of Australia and also in the region, is considered as the most popular and touristic city of the country along with Melbourne. Sydney, Australia’s most important port city, has several world-famous figures. The Opera House and Sydney Harbor Bridge are among the foremost. Sydney Harbor Bridge, designed as a steel construction, is considered to be quite unique as it has a railroad, highway, bicycle path and pedestrian path with its style. Sydney Harbor Bridge significantly contributes to the traffic load of the city of Sydney; Thanks to the bridge, the financial district, Sydney’s busiest region, connects the northern coast. Sydney Harbor Bridge has become the figure of both Australia and Sydney due to its location. This historical bridge is located right next to the Sydney Opera House, which is quite famous like it. In other words, if you take pictures in the region, it will not be difficult to include both structures in the same frame.

In this sense, most of the tourists visiting Australia and Sydney take photos on the Sydney Harbor Bridge or take the Sydney Harbor Bridge in the background while photographing the Opera House. This reveals how important the building is for both the country and the city. Australians named the Sydney Harbor Bridge as “The Coathanger”. When we express it in Turkish, it will mean “Clothes hanger”. The most important reason for this nickname to be worn is that the Sydney Harbor Bridge resembles a clothes hanger due to its architecture. The legal owner of the Sydney Harbor Bridge is New South Wales, to which the city of Sydney is attached. The Sydney Harbor Bridge, protected by the Australian state, is 1,149m long. This bridge, which has a height of 134m, has a width of 48.8m. Sydney Harbor Bridge has 8 lanes. In addition, Sydney Harbor Bridge, which has a railway line on it, has been designed to be suitable for pedestrian traffic.
When we examine the history of Sydney Harbor Bridge, we see that the construction of the building in question started on 28 July 1923. The building was completed approximately 9 years after the start date and the last screw was tightened on January 19, 1932. Two months after this date, the official opening of the Sydney Harbor Bridge took place, and thus, it entered the service of Australians, especially Sydney residents, on March 19, 1932. The bridge has survived successfully since then and has turned into one of the most important symbols of the country in a short time. Especially on Christmas nights, the building is illuminated with fireworks and an unforgettable night is offered to Sydney people.

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