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It is very difficult to deny that one of the most favorite and mysterious ancient cities in the world is Petra in Jordan. Petra, which is the “rose-red city” of the old Nebati civilization, is located in the south of Jordan and is located to the east of the Wadi Car, which is part of the Great Rift Valley, which is about 133 km from the shores of the Aqaba Gulf.

The 2200-year-old ancient city, where theater, temple, house and king tombs are carved into the sandstone cliffs with an aesthetic that blends Eastern and Hellenistic architecture, is one of the most important heritages of not only Jordan. The places carved into the rocks and each one of them is a marvel of art are astonishing.

“Petra”, a Greek word, means big rock. The Nebathis, known for their paganism, built giant temples for their gods. They carried the values they were influenced by other cultures here. By blending ancient Greek, Romanian, Egyptian, Mesopotamian styles, they created the magnificent city of Petra with a unique architecture.

The weakening Kingdom of Nebati was incorporated into the Roman Empire in 106 AD. Petra, which fell out of sight due to earthquake and economic problems after 400 AD, was forgotten in time. It was a lost city known only to nomadic Arabs until it was rediscovered by the Swiss explorer Johann Burckhardt.

Hiding in the middle of the curves of the magnificent hills, this unique area was not known to the Europeans until it was rediscovered in 1812 by the Swiss traveler Johann Ludwig Burckhardt. After spending several years learning Arabic and learning the principles of Islam, Burckhardt started his journey under the auspices of the London-based Association for Promoting the Discovery of Africa.

The language they use is also found in the chapter of the Genesis in the Old Testament in the Old Testament, which is the basis of Arabic. The people called “Nebayot” in the Old Testament, Hz. It is said that the eldest of the twelve sons of Abraham, the son of Abraham, was the descendant of these twelve, and that they lived in the lands of the villages and plains up to Egypt.

One of the most breathtaking aspects of Petra is its colorful sandstone structure and wonderful architecture, celebrated by the memories of a few tourists almost 150 years ago. While the artist Edward Lear was visiting the Street in Sekon in 1858, he wrote in his notes, “The tone of stone is bright and cheerful beyond my expectation.” “Oh sir, we entered the world of chocolate, ham, curry powder and salmon!” Said his deputy and cook, Giorgio Kokali.

Petra, once described as a “city of rose red” by a poet, actually has a misty pink color, consisting of lilac, gray and white, and broken with yellow swirls. No color stays the same because the colors change constantly according to the time of day and the quality of the light. The rock becomes even more evident with bright green and pink oleander or cactus flower orange.

It was included in the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1985. Petra, which is also chosen as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, is one of the most recognizable symbols of Jordan. This magnificent ancient city has been the scene of many films. Indiana Jones: The Last Adventure, The Mummy Returns, shot in 1989 are some of them.

Petra is located less than 200km south of Amman. Petra ticket price valid for 1 day is 50 JD (70 USD) for those who come by tourist or cruise ship; Those who want to visit 2 days 55 JD; For 3 days, it is necessary to pay 60 JD. It is necessary to have a passport to buy tickets. Children under 15 are free.

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