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Angkor Wat

In the southern part of Indochina, amidst the tropical forests of Kampucheia, one of the greatest wonders of Asia lies. This is the old, ruined city of Angkor, once the capital of the great Khmer Empire (kak. Campus). Yacovarman I, who founded Angkor in the 9th century AD, built a statue of the Hindu god Shiva on a hill near Tonle Sap Lake. The city of Angkor flourished around this statue, symbolizing the power of the Khmer emperors.

All the wooden palaces and houses in Angkor, which once had a glorious appearance, were either abandoned in the 15th century, either decayed or bait for white ants. Many of the religious structures made of sandstone and hard red rock remained intact; but some temples suffered much from the trees of the dense forest, whose roots spread up to the roofs of the structures.

Angkor Wat Temple

Angkor Wat, built in honor of the largest and most beautiful of the temples, God Vishnu, is well preserved. This is because this temple is still a place of pilgrimage for the Kampuchians who descended from the ancient Khmer. Since this temple is a very large structure covering an area of ​​200 hectares, it is called Angkor Wat in terms of “city temple”. It is around a tower and is rectangular; galleries, paths, terraces and towers in the form of pine cones. Surrounded by a 200-meter-wide ditch, the temple’s walls, adorned with carved animals, plants and graceful girl carvings of actual size, appear to be covered with an illustrated fabric.

Angkor Wat, 5.5 km north of the city of Siem Reap, hidden in forests, traces of Angkor Civilization, these mystical and mysterious temples were listed in UNESCO World Heritage List in 1992. Of the more than fifty temples built during the reign of the Khmer Kingdom, which ruled for 630 years, Angkor Wat was the most well-known.

According to legend, Cambodia; The ruler of the sea consists of the daughter of the great dragon Naga and the Brahman Indian youth Caudina. One day Caudinya walks in her boat and sees the princess and falls in love. The princess’s father Naga, the ruler of the seas, gave her daughter all the waters of the region under her sovereignty and gave her the land, and the Kingdom of Kambuja was founded.

In the twelfth century Angkor Wat was built in the name of the Hindu god Vishnu (Vishnu) by Suryavarman II (1113-1150), one of the Khmer kings, who reigned a glorious wealth. In the thirteenth century, the pressure and attacks from neighboring Thailand increased and the kingdom, which could not resist it anymore, moved from the capital Angkor in the fourteenth century to Phnom Penh, now the capital.

Abandoned and surrounded by forests for four centuries, these ancient temples were rediscovered in 1858 by French naturalist Henri Mouhot. Although the temples are known to the Khmer Indians and Westerners, who occasionally come to visit this region, the whole world hears the existence of Angkor with the publication of Mouhot’s book. The scientist who mentioned Angkor in his book saying mez dies a year after his discovery.

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